Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery, also known as chemosurgery, is microscopically controlled surgery used to treat common types of skin cancer.

The Mohs procedure involves removing the skin cancer, one layer of skin at a time to preserve as much nearby healthy skin as possible. As each layer is removed, it is examined immediately under a microscope to detect cancer cells. Mohs surgery allows a minimal amount of tissue to be removed while ensuring the most accurate and complete removal of all cancer cells. The cure rate for this type of surgery is 97-99%.

Dr. Gregory is a specially trained Mohs surgeon and a member of The American Society of Mohs Surgery. He’s also one of only a handful of Mohs surgeons in the Hudson Valley. In 2000, he completed extensive training in Mohs surgery and, today, remains an active member of the American Society of Mohs Surgeons. He has also trained the Upstate Dermatology medical staff members in the certain techniques and procedures necessary to assist him in the Mohs process.

Mohs surgery is effective for most types of skin cancer. Being the treatment choice for recurring cancers, large cancers, cancers with undefined edges, or cancers located in places where it’s important to preserve maximum healthy tissue for functional or aesthetic results, we’re happy to offer it to patients in need.

Mohs Brochure- Upstate Dermatology