Skin Type Solutions


A lot of us wonder: “What is My Skin Type?”

  • Is it oily most of the time? Dry? Sensitive? Wrinkled?
  • Brown and blotchy? Red and flushes easily?
  • Does it change based on weather, season and body cycles?
  • What products are best for me?



The best way to maintain your skin’s health and appearance is with the use of proper skin products for your skin type.

Unfortunately, many people are using the wrong products for their skin type and not achieving healthy, vibrant looking skin.

Upstate Dermatology is now offering Skin Type Solutions™, which is a scientifically-derived resource developed and powered by dermatologists from around the world to provide unbiased and credible information for consumers and the beauty industry. It is based on Dr. Leslie Baumann’s revolutionary skin typing system that was unveiled for the first time in her New York Times bestselling book, The Skin Type Solution (Bantam 2010). Our medical staff has been trained and authorized to implement this exclusive skin-typing program because of their knowledge, integrity and expertise. Once you fill out our questionnaire, you will be given a corresponding number and color that represent your skin type.

A skincare regimen will be designed specifically for you based on your personal skin type profile, and you will receive informational material to help you better understand your skin’s issues and how to properly care for them. Speak to your medical provider at your next visit or contact Debra Billington (contact information below)!

Debra Billington

Skin Type Specialist
Phone: (518) 479-4156